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Bryan Stanley
Design Engineering
Asked a question last year

Can quarry dust be replaced with sand in concrete?

Can quarry dust be replaced with sand in concrete?

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Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist

The idea of substitution of sand by quarry dust could improve the usage of generated quarry dust, hence lessening the prerequisite of landfill zone and moderating the hardly accessible normal sand feasible turn of events. Quality of the solid is essentially reliant on holding of the fine totals, which fills the voids between the coarse totals.

It is discovered that the quality of cement is more for w/c of 0.45 when contrasted and w/c of 0.5 as the amount of water builds, the compressive quality abatements when supplanted with quarry dust. This is because of the water retention property of quarry dust. It is notable that the w/c proportion increments as the quality reductions. Be that as it may, the perception with respect to compressive quality of quarry dust when contrasted with sand is nonlinear.

From the test study, it is presumed that the quarry residue can be utilized as a substitution for fine aggregate. It is discovered that 40% substitution of sand by quarry dust invigorates the most extreme outcome in contrast with typical concrete and afterward diminishes from half. The outcomes demonstrated that up to 40% substitution of sand by the quarry dust initiated higher compressive quality and the functionality of solid reductions as substitution increments. Accordingly, the natural impacts and waste can be altogether decreased.

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Jacqueline Wade
Environmental engineer
Can quarry dust be replaced with sand in concrete?

Yes, correct.

Sand can be replaced by Quarry dust without any problem.

  • Based on several references, I concluded that sand can be replaced by Quarry dust without highly compromising its durability property.
  • By the experimental investigation, 40% replacement of sand with Quarry dust shows maximum compressive strength and later on, it will decrease after increasing percentage of Quarry Dust in the sand.
  • Workability of concrete decreases as increasing the percentage of Quarry dust
  • Quarry dust is Waste. If we use quarry dust as a replacement of sand, then waste will ultimately reduce.