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Timmothy Ferguson
Assistant Project Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

Can a foot compactor achieve the soil density of G45?

Can a foot compactor achieve the soil density of G45?

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Hi, I added more important information about foot compactor.

For the cohesive type of soil, it is used. G45 is a nominal value of CBR 45 of natural gravel.

Site engineer can be allowed to adopt any type of compaction method but it must be placed and mention in Indian Standard codes or ACI. Compaction techniques are used basically on locally available machinery and type of soil available. Many times it depends on climatic conditions and availability of labours and contractors.

Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist

@Terry Collins13  i think G45 is not equivalent to 45 Mpa.

Can a foot compactor achieve the soil density of G45?

Foot compactor:

  • Various type of compaction equipments are available for compaction.
  • Generally foot compactor is used for cohesive type of soil.

Meaning of G45:

  • G45 means target strength is 45MPa of concrete mix.

Answer to above question:

  • Yes, foot compactor can achieve soil density 45 MPa easily.
Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

G45  is a nominal CBR value of minimum 45 with a natural gravel.

G45 is used for a sub base and base course.

The site engineer is allowed to choose any method of compaction in accordance with the course layer and compaction value. Trial must be taken for satisfaction. Foot compactor can allow for compaction. If it’s not gives the satisfactory result then number of roller passes should be increased till the satisfactory result.