The selection method of the road compactor:

3. According to the road type (grade):
1) For the first- and second-level national trunk roads and special roads for automobiles, a large vibratory roller with a high compaction capacity of 6-10t should be used; It is good to be equipped with a flexible vibratory roller of about 2t.

2) For cement concrete pavement, tire-driven tandem vibratory rollers can be used;

3) For asphalt concrete pavement, full-drive vibratory rollers should be used;

4) For the bottom layer of high-grade roadbed, it is best to use tire rollers or tire-driven vibratory rollers for compaction to obtain uniform compactness;

5) When repairing the road surface, a static-action smooth roller can be used.

4. Choose a road compactor according to the type of pressed material:
1) For the compaction of rock fill, a large-tonnage road roller should be used to displace large blocks;

2), for the compaction of clay, it is best to use a bump tamping roller;

3) For the compaction of the mixture, it is best to choose a vibratory roller so that the large and small particles can be evenly blended;

4) For deep compaction, heavy-duty vibratory rollers should be used for slow rolling, and for shallow layers, static-action rollers should be used.