Hello there. For the past decade, I've worked practically entirely in the structural field as a licensed PE. It was a 95/5 Structural/Civil split the decade before that. To put it another way, I've previously done some roadwork and stormwater management, but it's been a long time.

One of my clients recently informed me that he plans to start a large development project shortly, but he wants some site plan work done before (in the next year, basically).

Now, if he came to me today with that, I'd turn him down and direct him to another engineer. At the moment, I'm not ready for that kind of employment. But I've done the work previously, so it's more of a case of 'needs a refresher' than 'doesn't know what she's doing.' It doesn't help that I have almost no Civil reference books because I've specialized in constructions.

So, I'm searching for some refresher classes, suggested reading to catch up on the more recent standards, and the like, to get my proficiency level back to a reasonable level.