Petrol station roof is located in suqian County, Jiangsu Province, at the intersection of the main road between the county and the development zone. The main products are diesel and gasoline. The structure system is frame structure. The awning in the refueling area is connected with the low-rise room in the business area. The canopy is 18.00m wide and 19.00m long, and is supported by 6 columns. Two columns are shared with the business room, as shown in Figure 1. The roof height of the business room is 3.60m, and the ceiling height of the canopy is 7.55m (the ceiling of the canopy is 6.50m to the ground). See Figure 2 and Figure 3 for detailed plane dimensions. The project was completed in 2013 and has been in good operation so far.
The structural safety level of this gas station is grade two. The designed service life is 50 years. The seismic fortification category of buildings is standard fortification category, the seismic level of the frame is level three, and the local staggered columns (weak parts) is improved by one level to level two. The basic design grade is grade C. The basic wind pressure in X County of Suqian city is 0.40kN/m2 (once in 50 years), and the surface roughness is class B. The basic snow pressure is 0.40kN/m2 (once in 50 years). Seismic fortification intensity is 7 degrees, the basic design earthquake acceleration value is 0.1g, the design earthquake group is the second group, the site type is class III. In the case of frequent earthquakes, the site characteristic period is 0.55s, and the maximum seismic influence coefficient is 0.08. In rare earthquakes, the site characteristic period is 0.60s, and the maximum seismic influence coefficient is 0.50.
The advantages of the light steel structure of the gas station are that the structure is light (after the suspended ceiling of the project, it is not visible), the components are made in the factory, assembled on site, and green construction; Construction is fast and the time limit is short. Grid structure is a typical spatial structure form, which is also often used in gas stations, railway stations, stadiums and other large buildings. In the case of large span and irregular surface, the grid structure can reflect its superiority.