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Structural Eng.
Structural Eng.

Discussions related to drawings and specifications, calculations, engineer work review process, writing reports and evaluations, and observing construction sites.

Fasi Ur Rahman
Author at The Constructor

Hello Durai,
Our team of experts has a detailed discussion on the issue you are facing and all possible options.
Our team likes to know the setup which you have made for the disposal of blackwater coming from toilets.

The... (More)

The Korean Netflix series “Squid Game” rose to success not only because of its plot but also because of its unique set architectural design that speaks volumes about the series’ message to its audience. Check out the inspirations behind the... (More)
Hope to know more about Chinese standard section steel include their section features? What's Q 355B and Q235? What's GB standard? Feel free to contact with me. We are one of a large structure steel fabricator from China, but our... (More)
Structural Eng.

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Planning to go on a quickie trip? There is no better choice than Delta Airlines because it offers some incredible service to flyers. Opt for the “Delta Book Flight” process, and make sure to embark on a beneficial... (More)