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Environmental Eng.
Environmental Eng.

Discussions related to principles of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry that help develop solutions to environmental problems.

Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

Biological oxygen demand(BOD):

Biological oxygen demand is one of the clinical procedures which is used to determine the amount of dissolved oxygen which is needed by aerobic biological organisms in a body of water to director organic material is present... (More)

The Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is a chemical procedure for determining the amount of dissolved oxygen needed by aerobic organisms in a water body to break the organic materials present in gives water samples at certain temp. Over a specific... (More)

Hi, biological oxygen demand is an oxidation process. This test is performed in presence of air, therefore it is called the aerobic method.


It is my shirt by placing a water sample for incubation for a period of 5... (More)

Corrosion protection:

Corrosion of steel elements in a facade system may cause failure that can adversely affect building performance.

Preventing or minimising the potential of Steel corrosion in a building involves;

  • Examination of the surrounding environment
  • Proper design of the... (More)